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Just received this email from friend who rode LFT Saturday:

"Heads up - I was robbed at gunpoint by two men Saturday afternoon on the bike path near 43rd street. I’m OK, but they got my phone, DL, Visa, $20 and keys. It was about was about 1:00 in the afternoon and I stopped to go to the bathroom at the old brick men’s and women’s restroom with the playground on the other side of the trail. The two guys were probably hiding behind the building, looked through the window to see I was alone, then came in behind me. They put a gun to my head, went through my pockets, then most likely fled across the bridge at 43rd. The cops who took the report said it was the first armed robbery of the summer in that area of lakefront. In hindsight, even though that restroom is right on the trail, it’s not a good one to use because it’s secluded by trees and bushes, and there is a quick escape route over the bridge. It’s a pain getting a new license, credit card and phone, but that is small potatoes compared to what might have happened."

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I go by there pretty frequently and would never have thought about that.  Thanks for the post, and I'm glad your friend is OK.

Oh no! That's my fav south side stop for #2!

Thanks for the post! I go by there twice a day - and although I've never stopped to go in there - will not in the future. Dizam that sucks.

Thanks for the post.  Glad your friend is o.k.  In 2004ish a guy pushed me into the dirt/grass as I was passing and tried to steal my bike from between my legs about 30 yards north of this same spot at about 6:30 p.m. in the summer.  (He didn't get the bike because my shoes were still attached to the pedals).  When a jogger appeared he scrammed over that same bridge.  It's definitely not my favorite part of the trip.

I was pushed over by three kids in the area where they are now building the new monster bridge and they wanted to steal my bike. This happened in about 2008 or so.

I picked it up and swung it at them like a weapon, got back on and kept going. They pushed me again and I got away. Actually I can't remember if I swung the first time or the second  This happened further north in the grove of trees coming south by where the "streetlights" end.  Made me nervous for a long time every time I went past that spot.

I also say "Good to know" about stopping in that Bathroom. I just went there yesterday!  Wow, glad your friend is okay though.


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