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So I finally obtained employment with CPS (after one year of unemployment) and am looking forward to the 24 mile round trip commute. I am good about what to wear during my ride, what I am struggling with is... hair hair hair hair!

Background: I have always have had short hair (think pixie) and wearing helmet wasn't a big deal for me because I could always whip it in shape when at work. Now that I am growing it out for st. baldricks/children with hair program that I will be shaving it next march. I don't know what to do with with my head full of hair.... Frankly I want to shave it already but I have committed to this bucket list so I am asking for advice what you do with your head of hair?  

I don't want to go into work having bad bike hair at CPS. So advice please.. link me to something, Ive scored pinterest with no luck...

attached is photo of me and my hair when blown dried but when I get to work it doesn't look like that anymore. :(

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Melissa, I am a short hair person, but is there any way to braid your hair so that it is in fairly decent shape when you get to work?  Congrats on the new job!

I am not a lady but I want to share  that I have heard many women who consider  biking to  work express this frustration. I would like to figure out a helmet design that would keep women like you safe but not compress your hair. I haven't come up with the right idea yet so if anyone has one ping me!

A woman in my building wears French braids under her watermelon helmet. She looks the same at the end of the day putting her bike away as taking it out.

Here is a link you may not have found:

Congrats on the job and for having the loyalty to bike-commuting! You are doing your body and Mother Earth good by sticking to it.
If you happen to have naturally very straight, low body hair like myself, a low ponytail might work just fine. I bike 9 miles into work, and the most I need to do when I get there is maybe comb my hair and possibly put a little water on the comb on the rare ocassions there is a bit of a kink in my hair from the helmet or ponytail holder. If your hair has more body, it might not be so simple, but you could still try it out.

WOW!! to the sincere replies, I was worried that I was going to be laughed out of here. These tips are going to be so helpful for me !!

Jeff, the refinery... yes! I did not see this!  

So I will work on these tips this week and update you by friday. I decided Monday I will not ride as I am not sure where parking would be for bicycles so I want to scope that out but tuesday its on!!

also Jolondon, maybe a nice gap area  hopes to put hair through helmet...  sometimes id like to wear a bun!

You could keep at work or bring a travel blow dryer and spray bottle of water if you like to wear it down and get bad helmet hair.  French braids are brilliant.  Clipped half back would be a good alternative to a ponytail, use a pretty clip to look more dressed up.

My hair is wavy so I'm not sure if this is a good fix for you--but I sometimes just loosely clip the top of my hair in a barrette on the top of my head. That way it doesn't get all flat and has some body when I take it out.

I here scarfs and braids are a good way to go. Nothing helps with my thick wavy hair (and massive sweat glands), so I just bring a brush and hair product to work and always put it up as a bun or pony tail. 

I was running late for work one day so didn't take the time to style or even dry my hair. Just plunked my helmet on and headed out. And had a really good hair day! just had to lightly comb it out when I got to work. Granted I have very fine hair that has some wave to it and biking apparently was the perfect way to for an easy blow out - and having the helmet on kept the top from going frizzy which is usually what happens if I don't take the time to blowdry. Long story short - you may be surprised! :)

I never have time to blow dry my hair- so I usually braid it wet and go.  Often with a helmet on.  If I am able to get it out of the braid before it dries, it air dries pretty nicely.  It also dries well if left loose while riding. If it dries braided, it stays braided so it won't look nuts.  Good luck, and hope CPS is good to you!

I have long hair and usually wear a ponytail/bun.  I tease the front because otherwise sweat will glue my hair to my head.  Definitely wear a vented sporty helmet.  The Refinery29 hairstyles are cute, but it's wishful thinking.  These hairstyles create a bulge near where the bottom edge of the helmet would hug the back of your head.  A properly fitted skate helmet would not fit over these styles and even a vented helmet would be tough. This blog had a pretty good tutorial on hair and helmet.  Pack a comb to fix any snafus.  Dry your hair underneath a hand dryer.  This hairstyle will keep the hair around your face neat and will still look good even if your hair is damp from sweat.  I hope your bike commuting will inspire other teachers/students to bike!  I definitely wish I did, I always lived less than 3 miles from middle school and high school.  


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