Brian Kennedy

Ladies! How do you avoid helmet hair? I almost have a coworker committed to trying bike commuting!

I've been given three bike commuting obstacles I must overcome before a female coworker will agree to try bike commuting. I've overcome two of the obstacles for her but I don't know anything about the third. What are your strategies for avoiding or fixing helmet hair? I guess the guys could chime-in here but the more specific the better.

Please no "go bald" responses, as I know all about that and it's not an option.

Please! Please! Please! Don't turn this in to a helmet debate. She wears a helmet, period.

I searched the forums and only found scattered indirect commentary on the subject. If there was a specific thread about this in the past that I didn't see, please link me to it and I will check it out.

Thank you.

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Very. :-)

Brian Kennedy said:
My commuting bike is named the "War Mongor". Fitting, aye?

Erin said:
Bike warrior music?

Brian Kennedy said:
GWAR- "Short History of the End of the World (Pt. VII- The Final Chapter)" from the album, "We Kill Everything". You know, happy music!

Erin said:
What song is that?

Brian Kennedy said:
Bonus points to whoever can name the song.
way to go BK! i'm glad your co-worker has seen the light, and i wish her all the best!

my hair is thick, pretty straight, and quite easy to manage. the building i work in has those high-power, blow-your-hands-off xlerator hand dryers... i just stick my head under those for a minute to dry the sweat off, then i'm good to go! a small travel blow-dryer would also do the trick.

I hope I am not too late to help convince your coworker to bike!  My solution is for women (and men :) who have long straight hair is the French braid or any variation thereof.  It holds up and looks great after you take your helmet. Plus it's sophisticated. Variations include: Two French braids, Dutch braids, fishtails and depending on the helmet you can do a French braid and then twist it up into a pretty bun using bobby pins--great for hot days. The French braid stays put under pressure much better than a traditional braid. I have had one stay in place for entire an day of cycling before.


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