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Ladies! How do you avoid helmet hair? I almost have a coworker committed to trying bike commuting!

I've been given three bike commuting obstacles I must overcome before a female coworker will agree to try bike commuting. I've overcome two of the obstacles for her but I don't know anything about the third. What are your strategies for avoiding or fixing helmet hair? I guess the guys could chime-in here but the more specific the better.

Please no "go bald" responses, as I know all about that and it's not an option.

Please! Please! Please! Don't turn this in to a helmet debate. She wears a helmet, period.

I searched the forums and only found scattered indirect commentary on the subject. If there was a specific thread about this in the past that I didn't see, please link me to it and I will check it out.

Thank you.

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They should just shave their heads. Hott as fuq.
C'mon ;-) Locks Of Love can always use the help! ;-) I knew some chicks that were super cute with shaved heads. ;-) Love ya BK! ;-)
Gabe said:
C'mon ;-) Locks Of Love can always use the help! ;-) I knew some chicks that were super cute with shaved heads. ;-) Love ya BK! ;-)
If its super hot I just wear my hair up. If its not too hot and I have just washed my hair (so its pretty curly) the helmet doesn't seem to effect my hair all that much.
leave it wet and put lots of conditioner in it. when ya get to work, style it.
Just tell her not to wear a helmet if it's that big a deal to her. It's not like Zeus strikes you down if you roll bare headed, and if she takes to cycling she'll probably start wearing one soon enough.

There's also this swank French helmet, which looks like it might preserve stylish hair:

I have long wavy, curly hair. I usually wash it and if it's hot I put it in a braid and it stays pretty well with my helmet on. If I want it down then I just condition it and get to work a little earlier and style. This would probably depend on if she has long, medium or short hair and what type of hair. There is always a way to get it looking good after you take your helmet off. :-)
-Change the hair doo to suit a post-helmet lifestyle. (anything from a cue ball to a pony tail)
-Leave early to create a more high maintenance hairdoo in the ladies room.
-no helmet (not recommended)
-form follows functon... "I commute on a bicycle MF. You gotta problem with that?"
cut it short!
Hey, this is a real problem for me too. My hair isn't long enough to put up or braid, etc. I've tried leaving it wet, but that yielded some very funny helmet shaped hair design results. Like your colleague, bald or helmetless aren't options for me. So I've resorted to drying it at home and styling it at the office when I get in. So I've just ridden into the office, and my flat iron will heat up while I change into my suit.
I have long straight no-maintenance hair. I just wet it down when i get to work.
Non-safety related reasons to wear a helmet and therefore have Helmet Hair.
Protects your hair from damaging UVB rays! HH is a sign of a luxurious, silky smooth mane
Keeps bugs out of your hair! HH is better than Bug Schmoo Hair (BSH)
It's a better place for a sticker that says "Hang Up and Drive" than your forehead. HH indicates advocacy.
Keeps golf balls out of your hair (I say that, having been hit by an errant slice many years ago)


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