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He all, been a minute since I have been by. 

I have an old frame and fork set that I like and want to make it mine. Any tips on the foolish endeavor. 

what is you favourite place for wheels, handlebars etc? 

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FWIW - Looking to go with Porteur handlebars and a 3 or 5 speed. 

frame is a 1991 Trek 8500 mountain bike

If it were me, I'd go to the Vintage Trek site, here, and download the 1991 catalog and technical manual. Then you'll have a lot of info about that bike and its original specifications, seat post and handlebar size, etc. After I figured out what would work and fit, I'd start looking on eBay and Craigslist. Just about anything you need is probably available on one of them. Looks like a nice frame.

Thanks Jim, that is a good idea to ensure the parts I get are going to work. Always nice to have manufacturers specs rather than my measurements. 

I have been a fan and kept the frame for a bit, can’t wait to get it stripped, repainted, and built back up to a one of a kind dad bike. 

Should be really neat!


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