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I'm not superstitious, but I've had a few moments of Kharma lately.

Today was great.  I was riding in on southbound Milwaukee, just north of Belmont.

There is some construction on the northbound side as they are paving the lane, so the travel lanes are narrower in that area.  I was squeezed tight to the curb, maybe 12 inches from it.  An Acura SUV (dark burgundy if it matters) comes up behind me and blares on the horn, then guns it past me....

About 50 feet ahead of me I see the pop-pop double flash of the speed camera as it nails the motorist.

Sweet! Made my day.

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"We've ALL got places to GO, we've ALL got places to GO!"

"Big man with the horn!" (0:57)

Too bad he won't even know he got the ticket for like another 2 weeks and then won't even remember the Karma of blasting the horn...So probably not a teachable moment...But, his horn just cost him $50 either way.

The driver will probably know, those flashes are pretty noticeable. I've had the pleasure of being caught and ticketed by a camera and I knew the ticket was coming the instant of the flash.

There is no mistaking that flash, day or night.

Don't you know that the first one to the red light wins!?

I live in that neighborhood and I've changed my route until that mess is over. Southbound on Kostner from Roscoe to Wrightwood, then over to Milwaukee.

I'm all for asserting my right of way, but I lose 100% of all SUV v. bike contests. That said, I would have been more than pleased to see those flashes.


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