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I am riding around kansas city this april 4 to 7. Any suggestions?

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Are we going to have a BBQ flame war right here? Let me go get my sauce.

I'm a fan of trying several BBQ joints and embracing your favorite. I love Bryant's for atmosphere. I grew up on Zarda & Gates, mostly. My wife loves Oklahoma Joe's. For a long time, I was a big fan of Hayward's, but family says it's gone downhill and won't go there with me. My brother often picks Jack Stack when he's picking the destination.

A trip to Kansas City where BBQ is consumed at but one joint represents a sad state of affairs, in my opinion.

Adam Torres said:

Oklahoma Joes is where suburbanites go to feel they are in the city. It's overrated and not worth the wait in line. Rosedale BBQ on Southwest Blvd. is where you wanna go.

Get beignets at Beignet

Also, I chuckle when I hear anyone talk about suburbia vs city in KC. It's basically all suburbia compared to Chicago. 

Ive spent a few years in both Lawrence and Kansas City in the 90's and early 00's. Downtown art area is still cool but has been mostly turned into an entertainment district by the city. Westport can be fun but when I lived there it was kind of too 'drunk rowdy" for my tastes. My Sister lives in Waldo/Brookside area which, IMO, is about as bohemian as KC gets, tons of fun.

It's been over twenty years for me, but the city is better than the 'burbs, one of the few "livable" cities left in the world..  The Plaza, Westport, Brookside and of course the Nelson gallery.  The BBQ is incomparable.


just back from kansas city. thanks for all the advice. i saw the sox play kc in their home opener. beautiful park. had coffee at oddly correct, fun. biked in swope park. drank in electric area (young and rowdy). ate bbq at stacks (meh). had a tough time unicycling in the city due to the hills. not many bikers although the weather was glorious. beautiful skyline with a good mix of old and new. parking was impossible. breakfast at bluebird cafe was a must. 

thanks again for your help!

I pause as this was Dan Brown's post.  What a gentleman!  [pause]. [throat clear]

I am curious what chainlinkers have a deep understanding of OKC, KS.  I need recon for a possible relocation. 

I have no deep knowledge, but my son lives there. I've been a couple times, took my bike once. I think it's a more bikeable city than it would seem looking at Google Maps. Not as good as Chicago, but it's not a wasteland either.

It has real hills too, not just some namby pamby freeway overpass hils. You will ride uphill when heading away from the Missouri River.

Thank you for the bike information.  Is it a liveable city?  Is there enough culture, great food, dive bars, etc.?  And does anybody have any feedback of Kansas City [Kansas vs. Missouri]?

Yeah, I think it's livable. Like Chicago, it has a lot of neighborhoods. My son is a musician and works in the restaurant/bar trade to pay the bills. Plenty of dive bars and lots of BBQ joints.

I am catching up here on chainlink and on this topic how are you get your bike to Kansas City or are you riding one that was already there?  I may look for a different thread about going out of town with a bike and how to do that.  I have heard about people getting a big box to put one in an airplane but that sounds expensive. 



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