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Joseph Korner, 78, 3559 North Lincoln, November 6, 2014

Hi, I'm hoping for a little help. I was contacted this morning by Lindy Korner, widow of cyclist Joseph Korner who was bicycling north near 3559 North Lincoln in Lakeview when he was hit by a car. She is asking for my help to have a ghost bike built for her husband. Here's the background information:

She reached out to Elizabeth to request a ghost bike and hasn't heard back yet. I realize she must be quite busy, could someone let me know what the best way is to start the process so that Lindy can have a memorial ghost bike set up for her husband? Much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi - I'm no one official, but I helped set up my friend's ghost bike in Madison. We got a bike we wanted to use - it may be Lindy's husband's bike, or another one of significance - and spraypainted it with white, while ziptying on any fake flowers and adding a small plaque, then using a length of chain to secure the bike with a lock. If you're open to it, I'd definitely love to offer help just as a fellow community member.  I live just a few blocks from where the accident occurred and my heart goes out to Lindy. I might even be able to locate a bike if need be. 

Hi Yasmeen,

Yes, there is no official Ghost Bike Group who sets up bikes, which I also learned when going through this myself a few years ago. It's as DIY as it comes...

Similar to Bonnie, I helped set up my cousin's ghost bike (Kimball Brown Line Tracks) and we followed the same steps. Definitely do not use a good bike for the memorial; my cousin (Ronayne Thomas)'s ghost bike (same one in fatal crash) was stolen causing the family more pain.

I also recommend contacting the local alderman's office and inform them of your plans and ask for their support (and approval); ghost bikes are unfortunately controversial to some people and city departments and having the alderman's support can save you future troubles. Looks like the location of the incident is in the 47th Ward - Alderman Pawar (big supporter of bikes/traffic safety) his office details:

Address: 4243 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
Open today · 9AM–5PM
Good luck and don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions. Lindy and Joseph are lucky to have you on their team. 
Carlin is correct, the family's wishes and actions guide the way in any ghost bike situation. The protocol for the installation of any ghost bike requires communication with the family first and/or the fallen cyclists close community friends. Their wishes for a memorial moves this process to the next step. Some families in the past have decided not to go with a memorial as their choice. If it is decided to go with a memorial, the rest of the process depends on the community's contributions of volunteering time, effort, materials and the means to piece it together properly.

Thank you Bonnie and Carlin. Is there any recommendation on how to acquire a bike to use for the ghost bike? Also, is there a guideline or checklist to follow? It sounds like there are a number of things to do to make this happen. 

If anyone is able to/would like to help with the ghost bike, please let me know. I'd definitely appreciate some help and guidance. 

Yasmeen, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to meet with you and/or with Lindy. Carlin gave you I think the most relevant information. However like it has been mentioned, there is no formal process. 

Lindy is organizing a Meeting for Families of Crash Victims at Active Trans on July 27.


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