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CDOT Bicycle Parking Program Intern

This internship is a great opportunity to help improve bicycling conditions in Chicago!  Be part of the team implementing the Bike 2015 Plan, Chicago's vision to make bicycling an integral part of daily life. Work will be carried out under the supervision of the Bicycle Parking Program Manager at the Chicago Department of Transportation's downtown offices and in the field throughout Chicago.

Salary:  $10 - $14/hour depending on education and up to a $50 bike expense stipend.

Key Tasks Include:
  • Assisting with maintenance of the Bicycle Parking Program’s web-based program management application (see Technology Qualifications below)
  • Entering and maintaining bike rack request, survey, installation, and inspection data
  • Preparing field work plans and conducting field surveys (using bicycle for transportation)  throughout Chicago to determine suitability of locations for bike rack installation
  • Arranging for removal of abandoned bicycles from city racks
  • Assisting with the preparation of reports, filing, and correspondence
Technology Qualifications

Have you tweaked your WordPress blog, set up a Drupal website, or a Wiki?  We’ve developed an innovative, web-based application built on open-source software to manage most aspects of our work.  We’re looking for an energetic, creative person to help maintain, troubleshoot, and develop this application.  Self-taught?  Great!  If you can discuss and demonstrate your skills, we’re interested in talking to you, so be prepared to provide (or direct us to) samples of your work.  

Essential Proficiencies
  1. PHP - Outputting HTML through PHP; connecting to a MySQL database and displaying results; saving effort by integrating classes where appropriate; connecting to remote APIs (like Google Maps) to gather geodata
  2. SQL - Crafting SQL queries in MySQL and phpMyAdmin
  3. HTML and CSS - Coding without the aid of WYSIWYG programs
  4. Translating technology to laypersons
Desirable Proficiencies
  1. An understanding of good, functional design, and web standards
  2. Optimizing PHP and SQL
  3. Experience managing a Drupal website
  4. Experience with JavaScript, and when and how to use it to improve the UI
Other Qualifications
  • Undergraduate at an accredited college or university (planning students preferred)
  • Ability to cycle safely on Chicago streets for field work (own helmet & bike required)
  • Ability to work independently, efficiently, and cooperatively
  • Excellent interpersonal and writing skills; high attention to detail
  • A Chicago resident with enthusiasm and initiative to improve bicycling conditions
Hours and Term:  Full-time May-Sept 2010, possible part-time during Fall/Spring semesters.

Interested?  E-mail a resume and cover letter (PDF preferred) to Christopher Gagnon ( by Friday, April 30, 2010.

For more information on our program, visit the Chicago Bike Program.

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