Like the title says......I'm rebuilding an Ironman Expert and the hoods are kinda trashed.

I live in the burbs and could pick up in the far west burbs or do paypal ship.

Thanks for any help.....todd

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Hey George........that'll work, I have the originals but the hoods are trashed.

I could meet you at Two Brothers in Aurora and buy you a beer or 2 for your troubles. Thursday or Friday or Sunday or Monday?

George Schick said:

Todd - the good news is that I have exactly what you're looking for (with black hoods) and you can have 'em just for the asking (no charge).  The bad news is that they're missing the bar clamps, which must've been scavenged for some other job.  If you can find a pair of clamps, let me know and I'll meet you at a place of your choosing in "the far west burbs," which is where I live, too, to deliver 'em.


Sure.....friday is fine. I'm pretty flexible on the time so just let me know what works for you.
Perfect......see you there.


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