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Looking for a new handlebar bag/seat bag as well as a hip pouch or the smaller version. 

Cash, trades, bargains all on the table. Putting feelers out there!

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I have an Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Compact handlebar bag that I used once. I'd let it go for $30.

Im interested in Compact Bar bag is available.

Friend request sent

I've got a Chrome hip pouch that needs a home. It's orange and brand new, if you're in to either of those things.

I am into orange. 

(Should I FB you? I am using my pretty abysmal internet Sherlocking to deduce you are my favorite sock gifter, yes?)

Socks uber alles.  FB me.


I have a vintage Rhode Gear (great American accessory maker, long gone) handlebar bag from the 80s or early 90s.  It's very well-made and in great shape.  It appears to have a waterproof coating on the inside.  I received it years ago in a box of other stuff (including Rhodes Gear panniers, which I still use).  I don't use handlebar bags, so it has basically been sitting on the shelf ever since then.

Here are a couple pictures:

Here's a discussion of how you attach it (scroll towards the end of the posts):

If you have a use for this, the cost to a fellow south-sider would be...nothing.  It would be nice if it were finally put back in service.

Let me know if you're interested.

Wow! That would be very kind and given my handlebars on the current tour-steed, I think this might be up my alley. 

I could probably try and find a cool trade if you would be interested... I have some old Active Trans t-shirts NEVER WORN :) Do you prefer email/text/or chainlink inbox? (I'm at


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