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Has anyone ridden the N. Shore Channel Trail south of Devon (east side of the river) since this last snow?  I haven't ridden it in winter and need to know if they clear it enough for biking.  I'm planning to ride that way tomorrow.  Or do I need to find an alternate route?

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its clear north of Devon but I havent rode south yet...

That's a start!  I'll probably use that path, too.  Thanks.

Hi Lisa- They usually do a pretty decent job of clearing it but watch out for some icy spots, especially at the underpasses. I haven't ridden it since this last snow, so YMMV.

For an alternate south of Peterson I like Kimball. Less traffic, lower speed limit, ok pavement.

Thank you for the information.  Good to know they do at least try to clear the path.  And thanks for the reminder about Kimball.  I was forgetting what the best alternative was.

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