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I saw pictures on flickr of something called IRO sprints and I want to know more about it. All the results on google pointed to events Chicago. Anyone know who built it and how it works?

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Aw shucks, y'all.

Cobra Lounge discovered they had a show on the 8th. Otherwise the same deal. Here's a less pretty but more accurate flyer:
whoa hold on i fail. new flyer in a second.

So some of our prizes are already in the mail:

Nice evan!
Life just got more awesomer.

More sponsors. More prizes. And now we've got a video!

IRO Sprints - Cobra Lounge- Mondays in December 2008 from Matthew on Vimeo.
I'm going to have a couple of the stupidest Tuesdays of my life in December.

this looks terribly exciting.
k8: if I'm there and you win, I think you need to get doused with a pitcher of beer.

Hell, even if you lose your sprint!
Do they have their own bikes to put on the rollers or should we plan on using our own?
The bikes are provided by Iro Cycle Inc.
vxla: I don't think I like the sound of that. I do believe Cobra has $2 Beam on Mondays. I could go from frowning to not caring in a very short amount of time, though.



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