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Seems like there is an app for everything! So does anyone use one that they like?

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I use one that is sensibly enough called "Bike Repair"

It's very useful. But I've also been known to just google the problem I'm having and look it up from there.
in time. I probably wont get one till they are free with phone upgrades.
Anyone know of any for the Android Market?
totally agree.. my bill is 110 a month..i know. .ridiculous.

M.A.R.K. said:
I hear the Iphone kicks total apps.!, for those who can afford it..

What good is progress in technology if not available for all?
My $.02,

I wish that they would both come up with an app that is a dedicated browser for the Sheldon Brown page, and also clean the site up and continue to expand/improve it.

Sheldon put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into that site when he was alive and it is a great resource. But it is slowly eroding into a less useful resource as progress and new knowledge marches on.

Harris Cyclery could make something really special (and profitable) out of it if they only had the vision and a few talented people to run/maintain/upgrade it. And an iPhone/Android app would be awesome for fast/quick browsing of the content and many tables/cheat-sheets that Sheldon put into the site over the years. As good as it is, it could be even better.


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