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Insane bus driver intentionally hits cyclist in London (video)

Insane bus driver intentionally hits cyclist in London (video)

This video gives new name to road rage: A London bus driver became so enraged with a cyclist that he intentionally hit him just minutes after a verbal altercation about sharing the road.

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Creepy flashback- I had a bus driver almost do this to me a year or two back. I didn't do or say anything at all to him before it happened, he was just an insane CTA driver who I believe hated cyclists.  I passed a bus as it was stopped and letting off passengers, shortly thereafter I heard the bus behind me, then next to me (the driver was intentionally speeding to catch up and pass), once the bus got beside me it swerved into the bike lane, forcing me to slow/stop, and once I did that, the bus swerved all the way into the bicycle lane intentionally to block me from passing. It was rather scary and infuriating at the same time. I am so happy he didn't do what this bus driver did, though. 

The video says it all..

17 months seems rather a low sentence for deliberately doing something that could have killed someone. As it is, those are pretty serious injuries.

Talk about a punishment not fitting the crime on both accounts. Seriously thin skinned bus driver has to use a massive bus to attempt to kill a cyclist that yelled at him and then only gets 17 months... sad

 I'm no lawyer, but "assault with a deadly weapon" and "attempted murder" come quickly to mind.

Insane bus driver? Isn't that just a little redundant?


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