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Incredibly unsafe Left Turn Green Light @ Chicago & Wells

There is an incredibly unsafe configuration of the left turn green light at Chicago onto Wells. At 99% of intersections in Chicago, the left turn green light happens before the actual full on green light cycle for that street. This is not the case at Chicago/wells where the green left turn light happens after straightbound traffic gets a red light! 

I cant be the only cyclist who watches the light turn red the opposite direction and then start moving. Yes I was wrong for doing so but when you are riding into a 40 mph headwind and just about every other light in Chicago has the left turn light in the beginning of the cycle and not at the end, one is not expecting that. I’m sure that I’m not the first cyclist that this has Encountered this and also pedestrians crossing the street must be perplexed at this situation as well!

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Alex, I think people are missing the point of the message and or don’t know how to read. I stated I was wrong. However just like everyone makes mistakes I’m certainly sure others have been caught off guard by this. 

I occasionally pass this intersection but don't turn here so if I encountered it  I would be a bit amazed. I am the cautious-type-rider so not much in Chicago's traffic (cdot/idot) would shock me.

People can read; you admitted you made the mistake but you specifically call the design of the light 'unsafe.'

I ride through this intersection a few times a week. It's not the turn signal that's dangerous. It's your behavior. Wait for the walk signal.


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