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In light of this attack on bicyclists on Sheridan Road, are we going to ride up and down Sheridan Road on Friday, 9/13?
It seems like it would be worthwhile, taking the lane.

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Oh my god. WHY, why did I read the comments?! My day is ruined. 

Kenmore, Winthrop and Glenwood are perfectly great routes all clearly marked. I can't see how this is an attack. Bikes on the sidewalk drive me nuts, too--it's rude and childish.

That said--I did comment right after you on the Sun Times thread to tweak the angry driver who called you a nitwit.  Let's figure out when he's on Sheridan and slow his day down!

"Attack" was my poor choice of wording.  It's more like just drawing attention to "...bicycles doing something wrong..."



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