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Hi all,

I wanted to update everyone on the tragic passing of a friend and fellow Chicago cyclist.

On the 22nd of December 2013, James Rapley was riding in LA when an allegedly drunk (and underage) driver swerved into the bike lane and struck him. He passed away in hospital shortly afterwards.

James was a transplant from Melbourne, Australia who moved to Chicago last year to work with Groupon. He was an exceptionally bright, witty and talented young man, who's academic accomplishments were only surpassed by his personal ones. He'll be sorely missed.

A ghost bike has been set up in his memory:

I write this post not as a plea for charity or sympathy, but as a timely reminder for all of us to be safe on the roads. No matter how experienced and capable you may be, there is no way to control the other drivers and riders around you. As well as being a wonderful person, James was a very athletic, very capable rider and out of strict principle always obeyed the road rules.

Please be alert and stay safe.


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I read about that tragedy right after it happened.  How sad that it was another Groupon employee whose life was ended while riding a bike by a drunk driver. 

I have a few friends who work at Groupon and I thought immediately about them... again. WTF

Horribly sad.



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