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In Chicago/Evanston and close ring suburbs, how do I call for a pedicab?

My dream is to be able to hail a pedicab via text, app, or phone call. Is this possible? I've seen a few apps/sites but they don't really cover this region.

I'd love to be able to text / call / hail a pedicab from Metra and have them waiting for me at the stop, ready to go. Think a cab/uber/lyft but with a bicycle.

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Is this a job for Andrew and Massup maybe?

How about a separate map on that shows operating areas / locations / phone numbers?  Until then, these are the web sites I found. (773) 494-2143 - 20 vehicles. North side/ Wrigley Field area, Millennium Park, Downtown in Chicago’s fast paced Loop, and the hip and residential areas of Bucktown and Lincoln Park. 773.620.7921 Oak Park Visitors center. 773-771-3922.


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