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Illinois Prairie Path condition in this monsoon season

Has anyone taken a ride on the Illinois Prairie Path (main stem west to Wheaton, and Aurora stem south from Wheaton to Warrenville) lately? Is it super muddy and/or flooded in parts? I'm planning a ride with some friends to Two Brothers tomorrow. Thanks!

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FYI, it was bone dry. That limestone really holds up well, even after the steady downpours that resulted in flash flooding alerts last night.

Anyone out there have any current conditions of the IPP, specifically from Forest Park to Lombard? I'd sure appreciate an update if anyone's been on the path recently.

Elmhurst segment has long sections covered in ice.

Bellwood usually plows, but Maywood is spotty at best, as well as the portion in Forest Park between the train station parking lot west to the river. I haven't been on it in a few days, but based on my experience, 1st to 17th will not be clear. I ride Madison Street through Maywood in the morning, but usually take Maywood Drive and other small side streets south of the path in the evening when the path is not clear.

I will be riding tonight, so I will update with fresh conditions from Mannheim east.
It was surprisingly clear from Mannheim east this evening. There is ice, but you can almost always find a clean line. I rode in the dark on studded tires, but with due care and caution, and non slick tires, it is rideable.
Thanks for the updates, they have proved helpful. While I typically ride the IPP, I'm getting out on the path for a long run, so I'll also update conditions. Not headed to Noon Whistle, unfortunately. Not this time, at least!
FYI, when the IPP turns from asphalt to crushed limestone west of 294, the IPP is solidly iced over. Before that, it is passable. C'mon spring!!



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