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I have noticed that amidst all the construction going on in Chicago some  construction workers have carved out nice parking spaces for themselves. You will see this all over River  North - particularly on Grand and Illinois - where the workers are parking their PERSONAL vehicles - normally pickups - in spaces they carve out from either the bike lane or the on street parking area. They use the large orange cones to demarcate the spaces.  I believe they are trying to convince the public that these vehicles are used in construction work, which they are not.  I assume this goes on elsewhere in the City.

Does anybody know the regulations on this?  I realize workers may have to carry a toolbox to work but is why can't  they cant carry a toolbox on public transport, or God forbid pay for parking like other downtown workers? Not sure why we as taxpayers are having to subsidize their parking (when they remove paying spaces) or as bikers go around their carved out spaces.  And if the toolbox is so heavy why doesn't the developer or their employer pay for their parking?  

My assumption is that these carved out spaces are only for the use of building supplies (stuff on flatbeds) or the work vehicles of on site contractors (marked company trucks).

Curious to hear the responses on this. :)

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It's obvious that you're not a tradesman...

true but explain to me why the rules are different for them.  As the commenter below points out, he carries his tools on public transportation.  A good portion of these vehicles are cars, not trucks. Why can't they pay for parking like others who work downtown?

Construction impacts everyone. It's temporary and when done things go back to normal.

Understood. I'm not suggesting all construction workers do this. Your observation begs the question why are some allowed to park on the street?  I can see in some cases equipment might be too heavy to walk with but the buik of these picksup I see don't seem to have special containers for heavy tools. My sense is these are their personal vehicles.



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