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If you have a bicycle and you didn't ride today, what's your excuse?

That is the question!

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If I did not have an extra wheel in my garage with a spare tire on it, my excuse would be an undetected pinch flat last night and a meeting that would not have given me time to change the tire and still make the meeting. But since I had an extra wheel in my garage.. albeit not as true as I would like and with an old tire... I was able to ride.   

Too hot.

work in the burbs and missed the train that would get me to work by 7. Will catch a ride tonight though. Too nice out not too. 

none. 22 miles today commuting and at least 50 on the NBT this weekend.

word. i mean, i still rode to work today, as i do every weekday, but a 70 degree morning is certainly less than ideal.

hey mother nature, bring back the 40s/50s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

envane (69 furlongs) said:

Too hot.

The day isn't over yet...

bike lanes are too crowded - they need to be widened ;-0


seriously - as I turned (on my bike of course) onto Milwaukee from Chicago ave this morning; there was a pack of about 4-6 bikes coming at me down milwaukee. I took a really tight turn and "squeezed in" right up against the curb into an ugly long pothole (yes to the other thread - the street conditions are worse) and then some #$%^& in a small white car (think of this as a missed connection) has the nerve to honk at me (I was taking up about 14" and completely in the bike lane) they were just impatient to get to the next red light apparently......OK there I killed three threads with one stone. NO EXCUSES !!!



Where to start:

Server room getting redone with new equipment so no place to put bike.

Dropped daughter off at school did not have time to setup iBert seat.

ummm yes i am a horrible person for not riding to work today but i can change i swear i can.

Maybe you miss winter?


I didn't ride to work today... I need a new rear rim for my bike. :(

I broke my left radius March 15 and had a plate installed March 25.  I'm still under an orthopedist's care and he's asked me to abstain from cycling until my arm is at full strength.

Flew to Minneapolis where there is going to be a winter storm tonight.


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