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So I got a Yalta backpack as a birthday gift. The construction is superb, it looks great and the materials are pretty tough. HOWEVER, the roll-top opening is so small! I'm forced to jam things in to get them to fit, and if I want to throw in the occasional six-pack of pepsi cans, it becomes a surgical operation to get them in sideways. Why Chrome, why put in all that effort into designing the bag, and then bottle-neck it? Maybe the focus has shifted from bags to marketing $200 hoodies. I'm sure Chrome fans will have opposite opinions.

OK, rant over.

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Can you return it?  If the answer is yes go for it then get a Bravo, Soyuz or any of their other bags after you try it out.  I have the Bravo and I've put a 20lb bag of dog food, half gallon of milk, 6 pack strongbow, bread, cookies and i use it for groceries all the time.  oh and i still have room for my laptop and ipad and kindle with charger.  

If you do go with the left-handed strap, absolutely go to the store and have it custom made for you.  My wife got me a Citizen online in the left-hand model and I was going to return it because I didn't like the way it slung.  When I took it to the store, the custom girl modified it for a better fit (moved the straps a bit, couple of other things) and told me that this happens all the time with the left-hand ones.  For some reason, that direction throws off the balance just enough to be uncomfortable sometimes.

Charlie Short 11.5 said:

You have to order them specifically with either left or right shoulder. If you can, go the store and try their bags on. I wore every single one before I picked my last bag.

Vondo said:

I do have a commuter with a rack, but sometimes I just want to grab a different bicycle and a backpack. I'm sure I'm not alone. On their messenger bags, is the strap reversible so you can switch shoulders? I might have to check them out.



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