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This evening I was having a beer with a friend outside on Navy Pier (around 6:45 I believe).  Within 15 minutes the weather dropped from 78 to 54 degrees.  My ride home on the LFP at around 7:15 had a temperature with wind chill of about 46 degrees! 

This poor boat somehow got stuck behind the pylons and was drifting to shore. Don't know if they ran out of gas, drifted in, or what.  The Marine Unit boat  gave them a pull with a rope but it took a while (15 minutes after this video was shot) before they were able to get that boat angled so the Marine Unit boat could pull it out between the pylons. 

As I was rather cold :) I didn't stay around long enough to see if the they towed the boat all the way to one of the harbors.  The boat had definitely lost power. 

The waves, wind and cold tonight were really something!  Especially after I was drenched with sweat this am biking in.

Video is kind of boring :) but you get the idea. Chicago weather is always something.

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