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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Nice Shots of the Lake

Did anyone see that Camaro wrapped around the pole at Milwaukee and Division @8am? It was so surreal, no cops/ambulance/drivers it was just there with people going along doing their business.  if I had to guess it was stolen and the driver ran..but it was a pretty horrific crash, serious damage.  I'm glad no bikers were waiting at that light going south on Milwaukee! 

Good for you for getting out there. Any idea why you were cold? Maybe needing a layer to keep the wind out? I went xc skiing today and even though I was quite toasty at first, I mistakenly unzipped my vest and the wind went right through me (and I was cold). 

Its a good day when I can make it out to the trails. Even if it takes me 11 stops on the El train and 80 on a Pace Bus. Even if I break a pedal at the farthest point out on my ride. Its still so much better than being stuck on my 9-5 job in the loop. 

Very nice! Was it warmer this morning than it's been?

Compared to recent weeks it felt like a sunny spring day.

That ice looks so cool - both in the water and on the shore. Very nice!


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