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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Ouch! (re the pawls). One of things I'm often yammering about when I'm evangelizing internal hubs is that Chicago winters don't wreck them the way they do deraillers. Then _this_ happens. 

I've had pretty good rides all week - the snow on Monday was one pretty fun to ride through and it looks like we got lucky in that most of it got cleared well enough to render my rides today and yesterday to be pretty painless. 

This morning someone said "nice piece" to me as I was unlocking my bike in the Loop. Is that a term  people are using to refer to bikes now? piece? Or was he talking about my butt?

You're gonna have to post a picture of both so we can decide.

For some reason, I was colder this morning than I was on Monday.  Must be gear related.  Just a heads-up to all, I thought I'd ride down to see whether they had cleared the path at the s-curve.  Good news...the curve had a ton of salt on it and was clear.  The bad news...they didn't clear or salt between the curve and Olive Beach.  Bummer.

No I didn't

I love the statue with the shadow and the Hancock in the background. I'm impressed you rode today. 

I know the thermometer said "very cold" but it wasn't too bad due to a lack of wind. I've definitely felt colder with the temp in the teens and gusty winds.

My first winter in Chicago and I'm already feeling the burn. Bear with me as I've been living my whole life in Mexico where 32 degrees is considered too cold to ride. This past Sunday's 3°F (feels like -17°) was brutal. Here's to hoping I acclimate sooner rather than later. Cheers!

(btw - chunks of frozen ice make for good tripods)

And... Consider just a few weeks ago I was riding this back in Mexico:

Fantastic shots! Have no fear, you will acclimate. I'm on my third Chicago bike winter and live to tell about it. Be sure to search for some older posts on here with wardrobe advice. I've learned a ton that has made my winter commute better. 

Thanks Man! Trying to stay positive here so this helps.


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