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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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What a nice headwind going home tonight!

It was. The rain earlier scared people off LFT, so I pretty much had it to myself.

I saw the most unusual sight on my way home. I should have stopped and taken a picture (he who hesitates is lost?). I was on the little section of path north of Fullerton between Lakeshore Drive and Diversey harbor. There was a guy fishing, and about ten feet away was a crane, just waiting for the guy to toss him a fish, I suppose.

Would  have loved to see that photo.  But, Skip, don't you think it might have been the 30 mph gusts that scared them off the LFT? 

Sure, maybe. It was just such a sight seeing him sitting there, looking at the fisherman, like a dog begging for table scraps.

For those of you who ride Wells, note they were oiling the section between North Ave and Lincoln this morning about 6am. You probably want to detour today, at least for your morning commute.

Still some flowers in bloom, I see. That would explain why after the wind finally died down a bit there was bat food on the wing again this morning... :-)

Such a beautiful day to ride a bike. I went to the park and did a little solo cx practice...



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