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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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If you normally ride into the Loop on Wells, note that they are oiling today. I didn't see any asphalt trucks, so they might not be putting down the new surface today. Probably want to avoid it in either case.

Also, they are painting the Clark street bridge this week. Even though I don't think they are painting during the day, when I came through this morning about 5:30 there was still equipment in the bike lane.

You might want to take Dearborn or do battle with the cars on LaSalle this morning...

Wonderful to ride in shorts and short sleeve jersey this morning.

I will note that unless you supplement your diet during the summer with flying insects (perhaps your great grandpa was a bat?), it's time to start riding with your mouth shut. :-)

Damen from Diversey to Belmont has been a mess during construction for the last two weeks, but it's now resurfaced and rides like a dream :)

Email newsletter link said beautiful pictures in this thread.....OF COURSE Gene is holding it down with the beautiful pictures.

Can the link in the newsletter just say "GENE POSTED PICTURES" because we all would click that just to see what he posted anyway!

Gene, what camera do you use?

Thank you for the kind words, Mike. 

The original poster "in it to win it" asked me to keep posting in his thread, so I feel obligated to honor his requst.

I use a compact camera which is a Canon S120.

My Nikon single lens reflex (SLR) camera sits collecting dust at home, because this is a far superior camera. The S120 is an upgrade of my previous S95 which started to deteriorate after five years of use with the nicks and dings to prove it.

The camera is remarkable and out-performs my SLR in every way except for head and shoulder shots. As you have seen, it does distance and extreme close-up very well. The auto-focus and color settings make me look like a genius when that is very, very far from the case.

I am a classically trained artist and my joy is good composition. So, when you put a superb camera in the hands of a bad photographer with a good sense of design it all evens out with nice results.

Thanks for asking, Mike.


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