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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I took the kids for a ride to Indian Boundary Park yesterday. My daughter rode right over a few icy patches without a second thought. Natural born Winterbiker!

A new experience on my ride in this morning. I was heading southbound on Wells, just approaching Wacker, when a pickup truck turned onto Wells and headed northbound. He didn't slam on his brakes as if he realized he'd made a mistake. He just headed north, like he'd been doing it all his life.

Had a pleasant Divvy ride from the Metra station to my office. Happy Friday!

Snow day! Snow day! SNOOOOOOOOW DAY!  He he ha ha ha bwahahahahaha!

... and you should have seen what happened to the bike trail!

Nice day for a fatbike ride. Keep on riding Chicago!

Not riding, but so far I have shoveled twice. 

Man. Beast. Bike.  Get out and ride!

I got up early, shoveled, and left a few minutes early. Helped someone stuck on a side street...side streets in Logan Square are pretty much impassable, car or bike. If you can get to a main road, it's easy. Like a Sunday morning out cars.

Nope. Nope. Ventra card. Probably will be fine later this am, but I'm so glad I didn't ride Ogden or Roose this morning. Roads are getting okay, but people be cray trying to use their cars like idiots. Blank/blank gunning it on Roose and Wood near the Lighthouse. Thank godzilla spaghetti monster no blind or visually impaired person was crossing.



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