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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I rode today. Was a little messy but drivers were courteous when I needed to take the lane. Saw 7 or 8 others on Milwaukee. I expected it to be really code, but it was rather comfortable, thanks to a tail wind. Tonight should be a different story.

I took the train, but was kind of regretting it when I saw some of the streets from above.  Might Divvy home, but I'm worried about black ice when the temps drop to single digits this evening.

Nice easy ride. Side streets were slippery this morning so I took the main ones. Motorists were pretty decent when I did need to take the lane.

I rode today.  The ride to the north was brutal because of the headwind. Streets were pretty good though. The ride home with the tailwind was better, but I almost got nailed by a Flood Brothers garbage truck.  That guy squezed me into a very tight spot. Beneath me was snow and ice, and rough, potholled pavement. To my left (I could have touched it with ease) was the big truck bearing down on me. And to my right was a row of parked cars that I was practicly touching with my handlebars.  If some one had opened a door, I would have been screwed.  Never a dull moment during bike winter!

I did not. Too much packed snow on my regular route and that would have forced me to main roads. The streets were snow and ice covered and for some reason I did not feel like losing control in front of vehicle that was also having difficulties.

I rode home from work tonight, having left my bike there yesterday. Cold, but not terrible, with a tailwind. Prairie Path through Maywood and Bellwood was partially cleared, and rideable with caution.

Rode home from downtown after a concert that ended at 10:30 (in a skirt! with layers). Holy shite it was cold, but it was fun and ultimately fine! Definitely NEED goggles, though; vision blurred at about mile 3 and then became obstructed by the lashcicles. When I arrived home, it was 2° with a "realfeel" of -11. 

The worst part of such a cold ride is that now I can't sleep - otherwise, totally doable and I even recommend it!

I can't believe people ride in weather this cold. I have not ridden since October.

Rode into work this morning.  All the ice and slush in the southbound Damen bike lane made it a little challenging.

Yes!  First time I have ridden since Saturday and I am happy.



Lisa Curcio 4.1 mi said:

Yes!  First time I have ridden since Saturday and I am happy.

Todd, there is endless amounts of information and inspiration for riding in cold weather on the Chainlink. Also check out Riding in this weather is accessible to everyone, and a great way to chase off those winter blues. 

Todd Bremer said:

I can't believe people ride in weather this cold. I have not ridden since October.


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