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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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These are just awesome tires for commuting.  I had the same fears about them being slow and heavy, but while they're not race tires, they are not slow and heavy.

More important, I've not had a flat with these in 2+ years.  I used to flat at least twice a month.  With the Marathon Pluses, nada.  I'll trade no flats for an additional 30 seconds in rolling resistance any day.

Mark Newald said:

First ride in today on my new Marathon Plus tires. Early reviews are they are awesome. I feared having treads on my road bike would feel slow and heavy. These felt great, I did not really notice on difference. Now I hope they solve my many flat tires problem. As an added bonus, they have reflective whitewalls.

Ah, the good ole' Manischevitz Clock Tower!

Gene Tenner said:

I accually Did Not ride Today.

I have 62 Miles for February all ready and 619 for the year.

I was in California Monday Thru Thursday and Racked up 119 on those days 511 in January

Nothin' like a swig o' cheap wine to smooth out a ride.

h' said:

Ah, the good ole' Manischevitz Clock Tower!

Gene Tenner said:

Gene your pics are a daily treat!  I heard the lake on my P.M. commute.  Face full of breeze all the way, nice though.  I'm so grateful the Canadians aren't bombing us with arctic air temps this season. 

We got some late sunlight today! I rode the LFP from the Hollywood terminus all the way down to the MSI @ 57th, and then back up again. There were lots of people out today on the north side, but I was happy to have the path almost all to myself south of 31st.

Gonne stay off the bike today.  Nice riding yesterday-- my favorite conditions-- 40-ish, dry, not windy.

Got my Waterford to the shipper finally.

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