Nice first ride in the COLD.


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LOL! Good luck :D

Melanie said:

@Rozie- No need to be jealous, I have an 8 mile commute against the wind this evening ( listed it as 18-20mph at 5:00pm).  After a full work day,  I'll get my @ss handed to me on my way home :) Hopefully the drizzle will stop so it won't be too miserable.

Rozie said:

@ Melanie~ Jelous...wind was back handing me all the way here lol

Arrr, me hardies. Avast. 'Twas a piece o' eight ride in this mornin' with me jolly roger flyin' high, but t' ride home will be cold and snowy fer ye, weather we bilgerats be prepared for, 'cept for t' wind ... blow me down.

I was happy to see the plows ready and waiting to clear the bike lanes on the way in.

Any late day (Tues 1/17) updates on the condition of the streets in the city?  Looks ok from my window, but I'm concerned about black ice on my ride home.

I enjoyed my 11 miles in sleet and snow to work and will ride home in about an hour!

State from Erie to North was fine. Puddles still appeared to be liquid from 4:30-5:15. The lakefront path was salted from Fullerton to Montrose. The wind was not as bad as I expected.

Chicago to Wells north to Lincoln were pretty clear- Lincoln starts to get icy once you get past Foster, but the roads were salted, although the curb side was still  slick. Headwind wasn't as horrible as the weather channel forecasted. It is getting really cold out, though, or maybe that was just me and the windchill I was heading into.

So happy to hear that you're doing well out there, peeps! I am a wuss. No way I was going to ride around in that today--wet/cold/ice/wind? No thanks.

I will say what you already know by now based on the other's posts about the roads. The sidewalks are insanely slippery and probably a lot more treacherous than many of the roads. 

Lincoln is getting actively salted-I caught up to a truck headed north just past Addison a little after 5:15 this evening. I only went as far as Wilson, but that was in pretty decent shape heading west for a few blocks. Good luck out there everyone!

Yeah, lots of Lincoln to Wells fans.

Very moist going down, nice tail wind too.

Coming home, brisk and damp.  Made do with 45 GI & 50 GI against the blustery breezes. 


Wed morning conditions anyone?



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