Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I just wish I wasn't still at work at ten to six and having to go up the wrecked part whenever I'm done here.

Agree, there's one section toward Olive Beach that will be treacherous with a little ice...

Another post has an article that suggests will be Spring before repairs commence.

I did ride this AM.  So far weather looks agreeable for the rest of the week.

Yep, all week.  Serious headwind heading South on LFP from Montrose so I ducked into the city at North.  Much better with buildings blocking some of that wind.

I did. Nice ride in.  A little concerned about freezing drizzle/rain for overnight.  Hopefully we get a break!

Yes.  No issues with roads this morning.  Great ride!

All week. Great January to ride! What a difference a year makes!

The warm-up actually allowed for taking the Oak Street curve on LFP.  Was a nice ride!


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