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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I haven't been out every day, but am trying to bike through this winter from Evanston down to 31st Street. Last year, (after new year's) I didn't get back out regularly until mid March or so. I'm better prepared this time around with warmer mitts, some Nokians on spare rims for when studded tires will help out. Got some winter cycling shoes and some thick wool socks... but it's my toes that'll knock me off the bike cuz I can't keep em warm enough. Made the 'mistake' yesterday of taking the LFP past the Oak Street curve. Had to walk cuz I didn't have the studs on yesterday (although I don't know if the studs would'a helped much on the icy mess on the trail there). Slipped and slid around the curve and then back on the bike up to Evanston with a pretty good tailwind the whole way. Any time I give in and take the car, I just end up in that parking lot on LSD and watch jealously as those that braved the colder temps just roll on by on their bikes on the LFP. I love the cold weather, sorting out the best combination of gear, and most of all getting caught in the quiet of the snow and watching the world turn white while I roll past all the cars getting stuck in traffic. If you pass by a Bianchi with baskets, give a chainlink shout-out! Have fun out there!

I'll have to look out for you.  

Yes the curve was really bad last week. Has the ice melted there? I'll be on my way in an hour.  Check the Twitter I guess.:)

The Curve is clear (for now).

Rode Evanston to the Loop today. My first ride of the season with studded tires.

A picture of the LFT from Monday.  Rode Lawrence to the MP bike station.  The LFT was in great shape except for the curve which was unpassable.
Here are two intrepid cyclists working their way around the curve Wednesday morning.

12-19-16 over Harrison St. bridge

Not today, too busy, but I did buy some winter boots. So outdoor riding will be happening soon.

Rode in shorts today!


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