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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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beautiful :-)


Well, rode the North Shore Century today.   I must say conditions were about as ideal as they could get for that.   However, that must have been one of the most screwy routes I've ever seen.  Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I lost the route early and was force to make up my own route up the 2nd rest stop.  From there, I completely lost the road-markings in Wisconsin and once again had to make up my own route back to Waukegan.  Hit the rest stop, but there was only one person there.  A ghost town.  I encountered a few groups on the way back, but on the whole I think I encountered fewer than 4 people riding the century route all day.  A weird ride to be sure.

Did anyone else ride this and think the road markings were kind of crazy (or completely lacking) in parts?


I rode today. I had no cue sheet, so when I wasn't with a group had to rely on the road making. I got a bit off-course in Waukegan for a few minutes, but otherwise had no route issues.

Maybe I was just too distracted by the nice weather ;-).   A great day for riding to be sure.  

No quibble there. I think this may have been the most perfect weather I've ever experienced for the NSC. Last year was nice, but it was 40-something at the start and I was riding rather slowly (with my brother- and sister-in-law) with short sleeves. This year, the weather was perfect the entire time.

Did you get passed by a guy on a three-wheel Harley who honked continuously? Maybe on St. Mary's or one of the other long northbound stretches. I don't think he was saying, "hi." I suspect he was rather upset that his Sunday morning ride was disturbed by all those pesky bikies. Well, at least he wasn't rolling coal. :-)


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