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I'm Moving to Montreal! Come say goodbye at the June 20 Chainlink Bar Night, Fireside

Hey, my most loved ones of Chicago:

I'm moving! In the first week of July, I am packing up and moving to Montreal, having taken a new position at Trina's (some of you know her) startup, InfoActive!

So, if y'all wanna party and say goodbye, Julie said we could make the June bar night a going away party. I'd love for you to come. The calendar event will probably be posted later...

Other than that, I'll try to make some of the rides before I go, too, like Marauders, Full Moon, etc... It just depends on my schedule and the things I have to do to prepare for the move.

I hope I can see all of your lovely faces and hug you all goodbye before I go.

A bientot!

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you will be missed. can you bring your bike to the going away to give it a final bike wash before it moves ?


and we need to form a committee (yes I am in work mode here) to see who will the mantle be passed to

for future bike is too good of a cause to let fade away.


best wishes to you...can we visit you there ? LOL

Hey Dan, that's awesome, and I totally support Wes, Gabe(if he still wants to), you, Marco, and others if you want to lead the charge on doing future bike washes. I will stay in touch and donate to them from afar.

Bump, I don't even know who reads the forums

Roughly 34,000 different people (computers) a month, I'd say, ranging from the bike-curious to the bike-crazy :)

Believe it or not, by June Bar Night it ought to be time for a "9,000th Member" party too...

Joe Sak said:

Bump, I don't even know who reads the forums


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