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I'm in dire straights - need a 160mm front disc brake adapter before Saturday

So, I just bought some Avid BB7 disc brakes to mount on my Xtracycle. I was hoping to get everything hooked up so I could ride to the Cargo Bike Roll Call on Saturday. The place I bought the brakes from (an ebay seller), did a piss-poor job of packaging and apparently left out the front brake mount. I couldn't figure out why the front brake was only going to engage on 1//4 of the pad on the disc rotor, until I looked on online and found that the brake adapter is different between the front and rear. The only thing that was included was a rear adapter. Anyway, long story short, I need to get my hands on a front 160mm IS brake mount. The other day, I called about four or five different shops looking for a rear (this was before I realized I already had one), because the Xtracycle calls for a 203mm rotor on the rear but only a 160mm rear disc adapter. Little did I know I already had one of those. Anyway, fast forward to today, when I picked up my 160mm rear adapter from Smart Bike Parts, get home, install it, all's fine on the rear brake. Front, not so peachy. I finally realize I never received the proper bracket - it wasn't included. So, at this point I need to find either:

1. A shop that actually has disc brake adapters in stock (not likely), and thus has a 160mm IS front adapter, or...

2. Find a shop with a mountain bike in stock that has Avid BB7 disc brakes, beg and plead for the front bracket from said bike which they could then order and replace having sold me the aforementioned front bracket.

So, does anyone know of a shop that is likely to carry something like this, or a shop that would be willing to help a guy out by cannibalizing a bike (that they could have back sell-worthy in a couple days), so that he could fix his bike up and ride it to the Roll Call?

I have a feeling I'm probably up the creek, since I do all my own work a shop really has not need or desire to bend over backwards to help me out, especially if it means taking a bike off the sales floor to sell me a part. But hey, I'm desperate and I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for me. Other than that I'm going to call every shop I can think of tomorrow and just see if any of them has the bracket or would be willing to help me out by taking one off a bike they already have. Any suggestions on really cool shops that might be willing to help out, or better yet actually have a decent stock of parts like this?

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I'll see if I have one.

Slightly schysterly, and somewhat expensive, but you could buy an entire brake set, use the bracket, and then return the brakes in the future with another (new) bracket later when you find one..


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