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Hey Chainlink,

I'm heading out on tour this Saturday, riding to Richmond, VA. I'll be timing my trip to arrive in Richmond for the UCI World Championship road races being held the 19th through the 27th of September.

This is by far the longest ride I've ever undertaken. I've ridden to Milwaukee in a day, riding back to Kenosha the next and Metra back to ChiTown, 2 night stays in Illinois Beach State Park and plenty of 50-75-100 mile rides in the last 6 years since I moved to Chicago from Richmond. 

As to to some of the why now? It's sort of a stars aligned thing. I was working a contract gig (I do desktop support I.T. work) that was ending Aug. 28th. I've been wanting to visit old friends in Richmond. Richmond is hosting the 2015 UCI World Championships (Pretty big deal for Richmond!) and perhaps most importantly, I've always wanted to do a long tour. All signs pointed to GO!

I'm pretty much ready to go now, but it has been a very busy week. The contract that was due to end on the 28th was extended to today (the 3rd). I was asked to stay on for another week on Friday afternoon at 3:30. While I had been planning a lazy week of doing final packing, route planning and picking up last minute supplies and gear I instead was working all week. It's been hectic. I did get Friday off so I have one day to pack and balance the bike and do my initial grocery shopping. Maybe one more stop by REI to spend the balance of my dividend.

Because you're all bike nerds here is the bike:

  • Frame: 2010 Masi CX Speciale
  • Tiagra integrated shifters (brifters)
  • Brand new Sora front and rear derailleurs
  • New 12-32 rear cassette
  • Compact double crank (new bottom bracket)
  • Mavic Open Pro 36 hole rims laced to Ultegra hubs shod with 32mm Vittoria Randonneur Pro tires. The folding ones.
  • Tektro canti brakes (can't remember the actual model. Basically the ones that replaced / were one step up from the Oryx.)
  • Topeak Explorer rear rack
  • Velo Orange Porteur front rack
  • Two Ortlieb front rollers (front)
  • Two Axiom Monsoon panniers (Rear). Those were actually designed as front bags, but they work fine for what I need.
  • My Baileyworks messenger bag is being bungied onto the front rack for snacks, phone, stuff I want to grab immediately.
  • Lights: yes
  • Flag: no

If you want to follow along on one idiot's ride halfway across the country and his adventures trying to break into the VIP areas of the UCI Worlds then follow me on the Twitters ( ) and on InstaGram ( ). 

Hope to hear from y'all on the road!

Forever partying,

John D.

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