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Golf-ball sized hail and a huge amount of water at the same time, lasting ~15 minutes.

It was pretty much deafening, and then it got louder.

I have no idea what it's going to look like when things die down.  I'd imagine that anyone with plants outside has some work ahead of them, at the least.  No concept of what it must have been like to be caught on a bike in this . . .

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So happy to beat the rain and hail home tonight.  I was just going inside as the rain started coming down.  The tailwind was amazing. It really is quite a spectacular storm, I saw some really massive lightening bolts and really appreciated the view from my bike.
Yeah it was pretty wild.

Totally Biblical-scale plague of hail. End of the world stuff. Never seen anything like it either.

THAT WAS AWESOME!  A few times I heard the air crackling from the lightning, and then BOOM!  Followed by DOWNPOUR AND HAIL!  WOO HOO!

I would imagine it didn't hit the same in all parts of the city.  I had dense, large hail, almost all of it the size of party ice cubes. I just put a few in the freezer.  The hail pummeled the tree canopy so it was raining leaves along with the hail.  The hail put about an inch or two of slush on the ground, creating the effect that flowing rainwater had to form channels like it would on an almost dry riverbed.  Not just in the gutters but in the middle of the street/alley.


Biblical plague is all I could think of too.


I have no idea what shape I'll find my garden in.

And my plants were looking freaking fantastic -- now most of the open flowers on my chile plants have been blasted off.  Tomato branches are gone, though luckily it looks like most of the flowers and fruits survived.  The first chile harvest just got set back by at least 3 weeks though :(  The herbs look ok...

I have!

Ryan- were you riding south on California by any chance?


Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:

THAT WAS AWESOME!  A few times I heard the air crackling from the lightning, and then BOOM!  Followed by DOWNPOUR AND HAIL!  WOO HOO!
I was at the lake near Belmont watched as the CFD boat assisted boats into the harbor took some crazy pictures then got stranded at a bar on Waveland where I took an amazing video of the lightning show.

I really hope no one was out riding in it. I stupidly stepped outside a wee bit to try to get some video and got clobbered. I have a nasty cut/bruise on my arm from a ping pong ball size chunk.

Yup, exactly what it looked like here.  I was getting hit hard by the stuff just bouncing off the railings/mailbox/etc.
Just a tiny bit of hail up in Rogers Park as I arrived home, but fantastic wind, rain, lightning.


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