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From the article (

When it was over, police said the man driving the ramming car, a 1997 Audi A4, was hit with counts of misdemeanor assault, leaving the scene of an accident, criminal damage to property and a minor traffic infraction.


According to the police report, Ocasio said "This is not the right way to do things," to which Vigil responded, "If you tell, I'll kill you, too."

I once had a driver stop in the middle lane of traffic where an 18-wheeler was parked in the right lane so that I (on my bike) was boxed in and couldn't escape, get out of her car, and threaten to kill me. She later admitted in front of the responding police to having made that threat, and the police just shrugged it off (after making a point of loudly reading my home address off of my license so that the driver could follow me home and finish the job if she'd chosen to).  It is boggles the mind how cavalier the CPD is about violence so long as it's committed by someone in a car. Had this guy taken a swing at somebody, he'd be hit with a felony, but when he uses a 2000-pound weapon, it's a misdemeanor.

These scooter kids need to pay road tax!  Then this wouldn't happen!

Yow ! That cyclist nearly gets creamed by these 'crazed road raged drivers' ! Anything can happen on the mean streets of the big city when the rage rises ! Be careful out there !

So much awesome with this post!

Ah, I miss Rogers Park (not!)

I would have loved for the airbags to go off while he was ramming the other car.

Is it just me or do the people walking down the sidewalk casual seem wildly unaware of the possibility of weapons discharge?  I see this sort of thing and find another way pretty quick.

Nah. It's just life on the mean streets of the big city. It's like watching another episode of the reality show "The crazed road raged drivers". It happens more than you think. I've seen worse, and MUCH worse.

I have lived in big cities my whole life, when I see this I go elsewhere, perhaps I'm used to neighbourhoods with a bit more lead in the air.


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