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I was heading north west today on Elston at like 9AM and was nearing Addison and Elston when 3 cars decided to go (they didn't have a turn arrow but a green light). Because traffic on eastbound addison was backed up only one cleared the intersection and this utility van was halfway in the intersection. At this point I'm like 10 feet from entering the intersection and this dude in a mitsubishi wagon (who was headphones on) decides to block the intersection and nearly hits barely hits my back tire. He started going for it and slowed down but still hit me... It was obvious he didn't nail the brakes. Anyway, I stormed around in a parking lot and caught up with him 3 blocks away and snapped a photo of his car/plates on my phone.

At the time I was more swerving out the way rather than nailing the brakes. I was going too fast to stop in time to avoid him hiting me.

Does anyone know the official process for reporting reckless driving? I'd like there to be a record in case he hits someone.

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It wasn't really a crowded intersection... It was over by the Belmont blue line el station. There was a cab stopped on the right side of the road, picking up a fare. As I was passing on his left, I could tell he was about to pull out into the street. I yelled so he knew I was there, he looked at me in his driver's side mirror, made eye contact, and yelled back at me (even mimicking my yell) as he continued pulling into traffic, essentially cutting me off. It's just the fact that he *knew* I was there, yet couldn't wait an extra 2 seconds while I passed.


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