I was wondering if anyone has advice/suggestions on how to pull a bicycle using a bicycle? I've done the "pull a bike behind using my arm" thing, but I didn't like it too much as I had some trouble steering and I got some uncomfortable (you stole that bike) stares. Anyway, I've got 2 occassions coming up where pulling a bike would come in handy. I have a rear rack and I'm thinking the best way would to somehow attach the front wheel of the transported bike to the rack so that only the rear wheel is rolling. And I'm guessing one or some of you smart people have done this before. If you have, let me know or if you have any other suggestions, please shoot.

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Looking good. Lebster at West Town welded a permanent tow hitch for me a couple of years ago. It's the same idea as Alex showed above but it brings the center of gravity lower. It doesn't affect handling at all when moving forward. Backing the bike up is impossible though.

and here it is in action: http://onelessminivan.tumblr.com/image/22201846744

How was the stability of the towed bike?

Old thread here but years ago I had this same problem and was inspired by these posts. I've since made a DIY towing solution that looks a lot like Bikefreeek's post, except there is no need to disassemble any parts of the bike. Check it out!


If you have a rack on the back of your bicycle, use a bungie cord to attach the front wheel to the side of the rack.  Just the frame won't give you enough clearance or support behind the axle.


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