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Even with cars zooming past, potholes, and doorings, I don't often feel unsafe biking around the city. I think the one reason is that I must be one of the loudest bikers you will ever hear.

Anytime I feel at all unsafe, I do my hand-free cab whistle (which usually echoes to give you an idea of the volume). I love the stunned look on most motorists faces, as they look up and down the block trying to figure out who made that noise. This really works. I rarely have problems with people knowing I'm there or being considerate to me.

The link that will teach you the whistle, for free of course, is:

Plus, as I mentioned before, it's fun, less hard on the voice than yelling, and can REALLY grab some attention when you need it. Plus the sound is more polite than a car-horn, which is, in my humble opinion, always annoying.

I'll be available to coach this on the forum. If anyone has any trouble, please feel free. Also, if a few other people would step forward who would be willing to teach, I think we could make a few people's commute a lot safer.

Have fun,
David (repost)

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If you hear strange hissing and air escaping sounds from across the cubical, it's just me practicing.
As a testament to the usefulness of David's whistling prowess, I was able to find him at the Obama rally in Grant Park by listening for and walking towards his whistling.
I use this method all the time. Drivers do freak sometimes, but I'm just happy it works. Good to know somebody else does this too.

Yello jello - YES!

J Mills - I am so glad to hear you use this as well! It is very effective!

Would you be willing to coach people who may have questions about this?

I hope I meet you on the street sometime -when we both whistle at the same time heh heh.
Some hot chick once said to me that If I ever wanted her, all I had to do was whistle. she said "you know how to wistle, you just put your lips together and blow" oh, wait That was for Bogart, not me.
Cool. I'm not making much of a sound yet, but I am confusing my cats. That's a good start.
See I must be missing something. I thought confusing cats was the whole point.

Ok I jest but it is a great side benefit.

Dottie said:
Cool. I'm not making much of a sound yet, but I am confusing my cats. That's a good start.
I'll keep practicing. . i've never been able to whistle.. . it'd be handy.
For those who are more visual, this is a great resource!
This is also good for the fingered one:
Here, the same guy teaches two more techniques.


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