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I haven't ridden Damen all summer, and I almost never go south of Diversey on it.  Well, I'm thinking about riding all the way down to Fulton (from Evanston) on Saturday (Ridge to Ravenswood to Damen, actually, but I've been on the north part plenty).  Is that a bad idea?  If you have recent information on construction or road conditions, especially from Diversey to Fulton, I'd love to hear it before I commit to riding.  Thanks for your insight!

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Cool!  Good to know.  I don't mind a few blocks of bad pavement.  That's par for the course.  I just want to avoid major construction and long patches of gravel (as Clark St. this summer--ugh!)  Thanks!

There is still construction going on south of Division but it's not bad. A nice long Saturday morning ride down Damen sounds great to me. Even better if you continue west on Fulton to Garfield Park!

A few weeks ago, I took Damen from Archer to about where it ends.  Not bad. 

I like California north of Belmont instead of Damen.  Damen seems less friendly to bikes north of about Diversey and until recently has been poorly paved.



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