zero so far, but heading out soon for the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride!

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389.2 after Third Step Ride. not sure what was more exciting, renovation & expansion plans or posole roja. extrapolation for 2024 up to 1870.5.

792.2 miles cycled in 2024 after 274.4 miles (261.2 outdoor / 13.2 indoor) for March.
88 days cycled out of 91 so far in 2024.

Marched out with 175 miles on six days of cycling, sitting on April Fools Day with 611 road miles y-t-d. Now trailing Curt(is)2023 by 162 miles.

1082.8 miles cycled in 2024 after 290.6 miles (275.6 outdoor / 15.0 indoor) for April.
118 days cycled out of 121 so far in 2024.

Better performance than March, April action saw 370.8 miles, which adds up to 981.8 road miles y-t-d. Now trailing Curt(is)2023 by 245.2 miles. (Can't afford to lose sight of my doppelganger!)

547.2 after Fourth Step Ride. such a beautiful day. extrapolation for 2024 down a little to 1651.8.

738.3 after Dark Lord Day (and Fifth Step) Ride. pictured: Marshmallow Handjee MMXXIV. extrapolation for 2024 up to 1940.

wow, honored!

1440.8 miles cycled in 2024 after 358.0 miles (356.0 outdoor / 2.0 indoor) for May.
149 days bicycled out of 152 in 2024. 

While bumping my road miles up to 535.8 miles on the month, May made me lose another almost 400 miles to Curt(is)2023, now trailing by 636.4 miles. Sitting at 1,517.6 road miles y-t-d.


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