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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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Some details about this.  The accident itself was dumb and happened in the Skokie Lagoons.  I saw deer well in advance and they pranced off the trail as predictably as they usually do---except for a sudden U-turn which put them right back on the trail whereupon I hit a juvenile doe square in the center of the face. I was going about 16-17 mph and launched myself over the handlebars. However, the "crumple zone" for this crash seems to have been my hands. 

Basically, two broken fingers on one hand (volar plate fractures).  Multiple incomplete fractures in the wrist (scaphoid, triquetral) of the other hand as later determined by MRI.  

All things equal, I consider myself lucky that it wasn't a whole lot worse.  No surgery (yet) or cast, but I must continue to wear a wrist splint for awhile.  I've decided to sit out the entirely of winter and to make at effort at returning to the bike in the spring.  The last thing I need to is slip on ice and go down again.  

It turns out that December is a good time to get an injury in one way though---the health club was running a new year's special with no sign-up fee and all sorts of other incentives.   So, I'm just going to hit the stair climber for a few months as I nurse the injuries.  

As for the bike---I finally just managed to get it to the shop.  The whole steering is stiff so very likely a bent/broken fork or some other damage in the headset.  No official word on that yet, but I'm hoping I also don't have to buy a whole new road bike.  Sigh.

just seeing this now.


update? fingers, wrists, bike, 2020?

The wrist is better, but the fingers are still a bit sore/stiff (slowly improving).  My road bike was a total loss--cracked the head tube.  So, I've been riding my CrossCheck around since April. Currently at about 2500mi for the year.  

slowly improving is headed in the right direction. are you getting physical therapy / rehab? is it the hand you write with?

did you ever play hockey? use that surly to cross-check the next deer!

you're ahead of me this year, and i'm not injured.

2636.3 = 2304.2 on my bike + 176.8 on vintage raleigh in england + 155.3 on divvy (100% outside). up from 2318.25 last year.

at the front of the pack in 2019, based on what's been posted so far, "+" = more than last year, "++" = personal best:

8702 67% outside curt(is) locke December 31 +
8217 89% outside Sean December 31 +
7105 100% outside Sean Newby December 31 ++
6703 TonyP December 31 +
6183 100% outside Patricia Unsinn. December 31 ++
5566 David Beazley January 2
5400 JeffB November 25 +
5077 Brett Miller December 31 ++
5003 97% outside DerferMark December 31

MagMileMarauder, how about you?

3 personal bests! and 5 others (if i include myself) rode farther than last year. congrats to us, and here's to more miles and fewer injuries in 2020!

Gonna bury Curt(is)2019 in 2020.



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