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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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update? *crossing my fingers*

Thanks to warm Dec. weather...

5003 Total


4339 mi. on mountain bike (mostly road tires)
513 mi. on road bike
151 mi. equivalent on indoor trainer or rollers

6183, all outdoor. 

7,302 outdoor miles and 915 hamster miles (8,217 total) for 2019. 
I came out fast in the beginning of the year and ended with a whimper. But I still managed to meet my outdoor mileage goal of 7,000 miles. 

More miles in 2020!

317.75 miles for Dec.

6703.37 miles in 170 rides for the year, which averaged out to 39.43 miles per ride.

I missed my goal of better than 6866.58 miles which is my highest recorded year, maybe next year. At least this year made it to 2nd best.

Plus I managed to torment myself for about 43 hours on the trainer in the basement.

December saw 400 hamster miles + 90 road miles (with my last Perimeter Ride of the year on December 22nd.)

Looking at the totals for 2019: 8,702 total miles (5,826 road miles + 2,880 hamster miles.) 58 Perimeter Rides in my 58th year. I outpaced Curt(is)2018 by 613 miles and 8 addition PRs. So, all in all, although I did not return to the 10,000 Club this past year, I was in the game.

455.75 December miles, bringing my 2019 total to 7,105.20 miles. All outdoors, all conditions, including a few rides that in hindsight I should have left the bike where it was and taken the train.

Best year yet on the bike, and looking forward to carrying this momentum into 2020!

"Best year on the bike" has a nice ring to it, Well Done.

5077.4 miles cycled in 2019. Best year on bike (by mileage!)

542.0 miles (307.0 outdoor/235.0 indoor) for December.
80 consecutive days cycled to close out 2019! Happy New Year, Chainlink!

Well, managed to make it to 5566 miles for 2019 before having my season suddenly ended by a head-on collision with a deer on the North Branch Trail.  Now nursing a broken wrist and two broken fingers.  Be careful out there!

Ouch! How did this happen? Did he/she jump in front of you?  Be well...

yow! how are you doing? surgery? when will you be able to ride again?

i'd like to hear the story, too.



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