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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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Juned up with 754 road miles (including 8 Perimeters) + 100 hamster miles, hitting the half way mark of 2019 with 2,672 road miles + 1,635 stationary for a total of 4,307 miles y-t-d. While ahead of last year's Perimeter count by one (29 so far), I now trail 2018's pace by 95.8 miles.  

885 miles for July which makes 3693 miles for the year.

I'm pretty happy with my mileage so far.

1,652 outdoor miles for the month...fueled mostly by riding around Lake Michigan and Ragbrai. YTD I have 4,986 outdoor miles and 290 hamster miles. 

Damn, that's some kinda July, I'm impressed.

I used 3 weeks vacation to get it done 

Doing 1650 miles in three weeks is more impressive than using the whole month. What'd you do when you got back to work, take a nap?

1,113.72 miles for July, 4,023.68 YTD.

Julyed with 679 road miles (including 7 Perimeters) + 80 hamstered miles, ending the seventh month with 3,351 for the road + 1,715 stationary miles for a total of 5,066 miles y-t-d. While still ahead of last year's Perimeter count now by two (36 in total),  I now trail 2018's pace by 243.3 miles.

2680.2 miles cycled in 2019 after 457.8 miles (320.8 outdoor/137.0 indoor) for July.

577 consecutive days cycled in 2018-2019, perhaps my favorite of which was yesterday's half-mile ride on my Hampton Cruiser across Route 12 on the Outer Banks in Avon, NC to the Atlantic Ocean! Simple pleasures!

what an accomplishment to keep your streak going. i love the outer banks. lots of cool birds.

3704 so far this year.  Ahead of pace. Yearly goal is 5200.

The recent beautiful weather has been a boon to my riding.  Got 220 miles in last week, and I'm on schedule to get another 200 in this week.

1619.7 after the Eighth Step Ride. have i really not posted since DLD? that total doesn't include 176.8 in (hilly) england on a vintage raleigh that reminded me of my first 3-speed. extrapolation for 2019 up to 2494.5.


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