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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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975 outdoor miles in May. My 2019 total mileage thus far is 2,255 outdoor miles and 290 indoor miles. My stretch goal is 7,000 outdoor miles in 2019...on track so far. 

735.26 miles for may, bringing my Y-T-D total to 2,213.84.

Mayed -- with 810 road miles (9 Perimeters) + 140 miles going nowhere this past month, my road miles finally surpassed the hamster for the year (1,918 road + 1,535 hamster = 3,453 miles y-t-d.) Still on pace with last year's Perimeter count (21), I now trailed 2018's pace by 153 miles.     

Plenty but not enough.

plenty is good! :-)

Charley says

Good and Plenty


Year to date: 384 miles. I pump my fist modestly.

no need to be modest here!

I'm at 3,140 outdoor miles YTD so far BUT the miles will be piling on shortly.  

I am doing a 1,000 mile charity ride for the National MS Society by riding around Lake Michigan ( ( have to scroll down past the map) and I will be riding Ragbrai shortly after that.  I'm still shooting for 7,000 outdoor miles.

Enjoy the weather folks and keep the rubber side down!


696.12 miles in June, bringing my 2019 Y-T-D mileage to 2,909.96.

937.57 miles for June

2807.95 YTD

June was, by far, my biggest month in a long time.



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