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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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go brett! what an inspiration  :-)

701.38 for June

2262.75 for the year.

2641 Outdoor; 719 hamster Miles 

A modest June as I complete my 57th spin around the sun (happy birthday to me!) with 796.6 miles in the saddle and 7 Perimeter Rides for the month. 

4,402. 8 miles Y-T-D (2,922.7 road miles + 1,480.1 hamster miles) and 28 Perimeters. I am trailing Curt(is)2017 by 259.6 miles and 6 Perimeter Rides.

happy birthday! 57 perimeters in your 57th year?  :-)

3,233 miles per Strava.  Mostly commuting miles.  

2115 so far.

1213.2 after F-12 July BBQ Alternative (without BBQ) and estimating some rides after my computer died (again), extrapolation for 2018 up to 2259.3

2,112 miles (all outdoor) through July.

212 consecutive days cycled in 2018. I was unable to keep the average mileage above 10 miles per day as we took a family camping trip around the southwest, which limited my opportunities to go for longer rides. I did, however, keep my consecutive days cycled streak (barely) alive by picking-up a Dahon Speed Uno and using to go for short rides around the various National Parks.

great photo, and excellent dedication!

736.87 for July bringing my yearly total to 2999.63.

I was kinda disappointed when I added yesterdays mileage to the tally and saw that another half mile would have brought me to 3000 miles. I would have stretched the ride some if I knew.

3917 outdoor miles; 719 hamster miles


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